Telemed Instructions

  1. Please download RingCentral Meetings from your app store (there are other RingCentral apps but the correct one will have “Meetings”  in the title)
  2. You may find it here as well:
    • Note: If you are downloading on a desktop computer, please make sure to press “continue as guest” and “skip” to bypass the registration screens; you do not need to sign-up for an account with RingCentral on any device.
  3. At the time of your appointment, your provider will send you an email
    • for example if your appointment is scheduled for 12:00PM, the link will be sent between 12:00PM and 12:05PM
  4. Click the top link in the email, and you should be taken to the app and be able to join the session.
  5. Once in the application, you will be asked to enter your name and then prompted to grant one-time access to camera and microphone. A preview screen of your camera will show and then you will hit “join with video.”
  6. The next screen is the meeting and you need to press “call in using internet audio” to use your device’s internet connection to allow you to talk.

An example of the email is recreated Below: THIS IS NOT a working link, just an example

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