People with ADHD are usually unable to pay attention or concentrate for long periods of time, are often hyperactive and have a tendency for impulsivity.

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Can Adults Have ADD/ADHD?

Though it remains one of the most studied disorders in children, ADD/ADHD in adults often goes undiagnosed. According to epidemiologic data, about 4% of the general adult population has ADHD but less than one tenth of them are diagnosed. Only a third of the adults diagnosed with ADHD are treated. 90% of adults with ADHD are unaware of their diagnosis and suffer various degrees of functional impairment. They find themselves unable to keep a job or appointments, seem constantly disorganized, and may have a history of problems at work.

Causes of ADHD

There is no single cause of attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder, though there are many possible causes that have been shown to increase the likelihood that symptoms will arise. Most recent research suggests that ADHD is genetic. Several environmental and lifestyle factors can worsen ADHD.