Sean Lajaunie Ph.D.

Dr. Sean Lajaunie Ph.D. is a Licensed Psychologist who specializes in providing psychotherapy and
counseling to individuals struggling with personal difficulties. He emphasizes creating a safe, private, and
supportive environment where an individual can be free to address the problems that are most
distressing to them. In this environment, Dr. Lajaunie and you will work together as a team to improve
your experiences and the way you may handle emotions, thoughts, and relationships. To do this, Dr.
Lajaunie uses evidence-based therapy practices, which means that they have been tested vigorously by
the scientific community and shown to be effective for your specific therapy needs. Dr. Lajaunie is
experienced providing Psychodynamic Psychotherapy and Cognitive-Behavioral Psychotherapy
throughout his career, two forms of therapy that have been shown to be highly effective for many
issues. However, every therapy is different and each individual who begins therapy will work together
with Dr. Lajaunie to create their unique therapy plan that will help them the most. Within your therapy
sessions, you can expect to talk about your thoughts, emotions, relationships, wishes, fears, and
behaviors, reflect on them, and work toward changing troublesome patterns in your life. On your first
visit to Dr. Lajaunie, you will have an Initial Interview in which you will be asked about the problem that
brought you to therapy, your personal history, symptoms, and relationships, among other details. At the
end of this appointment, you and Dr. Lajaunie will agree together on a plan and how to get started. Dr.
Lajaunie typically has office hours Monday-Friday from midday-evenings.

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