Melanie Wilson, LPC

Melanie Wilson Psychiatry

My work experience has allowed me to work with several different types of clients. This has given me a broader view of mental health and how many of the issues we face are intertwined. My main focus is helping people get through life’s problems from childhood to present day. If you feel like life has not dealt you the best hand of cards, I want to work with you through those difficult and uncomfortable thoughts/emotions to make you the best version of yourself. Some speciality groups that I counsel are mothers, teachers, couples, students, and the LGBTQ community.

I mainly do individual and couple sessions but I can work with family units as well. I primarily deal with anxiety, depression, relational issues, panic attacks, past/present trauma, mood swings, life transitions, grief, and difficulty coping with life. I also deal with men and women’s issues.  I know the first step of reaching out is the hardest, but please feel free to contact me via email/phone with any questions.

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